Another Enigma of Bitcoin Unveiled

Recently discovered messages from Satoshi Nakamoto have brought new mysterious revelations to the history of Bitcoin's creation: interesting theories, secret correspondences, and verified facts.

The old correspondence between the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, and the recipient of the initial transaction, Hal Finney, revealed some previously unknown facts that change a lot in the overall history of Bitcoin. This statement was made by CoinDesk, who obtained three letters dated the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009.

The correspondence reached CoinDesk from New York Times reporter Nathaniel Popper, who discovered them while working on the book «Digital Gold: The Untold Story of Bitcoin», or how idealists and businessmen reinvent money. The widow of the deceased Finney, Fran, claimed that she indeed gave these correspondences to Popper.

On November 16, 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto provided information about the preliminary version of the Bitcoin code to some participants in the cryptographic mailing list, where Finney was also present. On November 19, he sent a letter to Finney, inquiring about the future possibilities of Bitcoin.

Finney did not consider his question as technical. He was confident that Bitcoin would reach a sufficiently high level that would determine its significance. Later, he wrote that if Bitcoin becomes the authority among all payment systems, its value should not be less than the total value of all world capitals. These considerations provided the basis for Fran, which allowed her to predict that Bitcoin in the future could grow to $10 per coin.

In early December 2008, Satoshi included Finney in the Bitcoin repository on Sourceforge.

The next two messages were sent by Satoshi himself to his like-minded partner. The first of them was on January 8, 2009, where he talked about the release of Bitcoin software version 0.1. The email was sent a few hours after all the publicity in the cryptographic mailing list.

In response to the message sent by Satoshi Nakamoto to Hal Finney on January 8, 2009, Thursday, the latter noted that he would carefully study the code over the weekend. 

When the Bitcoin mailing list was announced on Sourceforg, Satoshi and Finney actively exchanged correspondence. It is worth noting that for unknown reasons, Finney conducted it from a Gmail account instead of [email protected]. Based on the analysis of emails, some messages were irreversibly deleted.

This correspondence has entered the history of Bitcoin. It was during their communication on January 11 that Satoshi transferred 10 BTC to Finney, which became the very first transaction of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Noteworthy Labels

Analyzing the correspondence of the creator and his partner, it can be noticed that the time zone of the first participant in the discussion was GMT+8. If we rely on the fact that the creator of Bitcoin, as the already available information indicates, lived in Japan, there are moments that slightly do not coincide. Because at that time, Japan was ahead of GMT by nine hours. Another interesting fact is that Finney's emails, as shown by the server, came earlier than Satoshi's.

There is a theory that claims the presence of a problem in Satoshi's computer. However, he had several computers that could simply malfunction. There is also a version that Finney and Satoshi are the same person, although the former actively denied this version. But in this case, everything would have been obvious, and the time discrepancies would have been explained. On the other hand, why would Finney complicate everything and remain silent about his contribution to the world history of electronic possibilities? Therefore, this theory remains just our conjecture, which we will have to decipher in the future. 

Growing Popularity of Bitcoin

Despite the fact that much has not yet been understood, learned, and studied, Bitcoin is gaining even more popularity. Future forecasts herald a transition to an electronic payment system that will be an excellent solution to many problems. With its help, you can already pay in stores, salons, entertainment venues, etc.