Thanos Hard Fork: What Ethereum Classic Developers Promise?

Thanos Hard Fork: Enhancing Ethereum Classic Security Ethereum Classic developers are gearing up for the introduction of the new universal Thanos hard fork, scheduled for November 29. The primary objective of this update is to offer users maximum protection against evolving network attacks. As modern hackers have found ways to circumvent older security tools, developers have devised an upgraded security system that aims to be 100% effective.

The Thanos hard fork, specifically ECIP-1099, will double the Ethash (Etchash) period from 30,000 to 60,000 blocks, effectively reducing the directed acyclic graph (DAG) size. This adjustment provides an excellent opportunity for GPU miners with 3GB and 4GB to resume Ethereum Classic mining.

James Wo, the creator and CEO of Ethereum Classic Labs, emphasized, «Thanos will decrease the DAG size, directing towards a more decentralized and 'natural' mining ecosystem. Hashing efficiency will significantly improve, allowing existing miners to continue mining and attracting newcomers».

It's worth noting that these innovations will not negatively impact compatibility with Ethereum (ETH).

In October, Ethereum Classic Labs and Classic Core groups concluded Exponential Subjective Scoring (MESS) testing on the Mordor testnet. The updated finalization scheme significantly increased the cost of reorganizing blocks, reducing the likelihood of 51% attacks.

In their recent report, IOHK, the organization behind the Cardano cryptocurrency, and a supporter of the ETC Cooperative initiative, expressed uncertainty about the effectiveness of MESS in definitively eliminating the possibility of further chain reorganizations in Ethereum Classic.

Benefits of the Thanos Hard Fork

Enhanced Network Security. The primary advantage of the Thanos hard fork is bolstered network security, crucial for safeguarding personal information and maintaining confidentiality. With numerous state and financial reports requiring heightened privacy, any information leakage could lead to unwelcome consequences. The upgraded security features of Thanos aim to protect against potential cyberattacks. 

Compatibility and Usability. The Thanos hard fork ensures compatibility with Ethereum and provides a streamlined and efficient platform for cryptocurrency tools. This modernization allows users to take advantage of convenient and efficient cryptocurrency instruments.

Conclusion: Is a New Security System Necessary?

The updated security system presented by the Thanos hard fork provides an excellent opportunity to proactively prevent cyberattacks. Developers have improved the system to enhance operational speed, making mining more efficient and less time-consuming.

With increased security, users can avoid disruptions, allowing them to focus on mining or transactions without worrying about potential issues.

The new security system not only ensures a safer environment but also enhances the speed of operations. Mining becomes more engaging, offering the chance to secure significant rewards in a minimal amount of time.

Existing users will immediately notice the difference, while newcomers will find it enticing to join the world of Ethereum Classic mining.

In conclusion, the Thanos hard fork proves to be a valuable solution for those who enjoy mining. With increased security and operational speed, users can enjoy a seamless experience without delays. The Thanos hard fork is not just about security; it's a tool that enhances both safety and speed.