Profitable Cryptocurrency Mining in 2021: Top Graphics Cards

The digital coin mining market offers a wide range of tools to help traders increase their capital, with graphics cards (GPUs) being among the most popular.

As the value of certain digital assets continues to rise, many cryptocurrency enthusiasts are considering the profitability of mining digital coins.

GPU remains the fundamental equipment for mining, providing miners with the computational power needed to tackle tasks related to digital assets. While specialized ASIC equipment exists, it comes with a high cost, making GPU mining the more accessible method.

The efficiency of mining with a GPU depends on various parameters. It's essential to choose a good GPU based on the following criteria:

  • Price. Traditionally, the principle of "expensive means better" applies, as modern models offer high computational power. GPU prices range from $150 to $3000. They can be purchased through trading platforms or specialized stores, each with its own features to consider before buying.

  • Power Consumption. In mining, there's a rule: "the higher the power consumption, the better the equipment performs in money mining." However, GPUs with high power consumption may heat up, leading to reduced efficiency. To address this, proper cooling systems are essential. 

  • Hash Rate. Hash rate speed also impacts the efficiency of mining digital assets. Choosing GPUs with a high hash rate is crucial. GPUs with average hash rate speeds are suitable for mining cryptocurrencies with low mining complexity.

Other important factors include warranty presence and GPU overclocking features. Mining equipment is subject to significant resource consumption, so having a warranty, especially from specialized stores, is advisable. An added bonus for cryptocurrency community members is the ability to overclock equipment for increased performance, with some models offering up to a 30% boost.

Top 8 GPUs for Cryptocurrency Mining

There are many companies on the market that create video cards for mining. But the most famous remain AMD and Nvidia, which develop high-quality, efficient equipment for members of the crypto community. Therefore, we propose to talk about the best GPU models from both manufacturers.

The Nvidia brand offers the following models that are suitable for effective crypto mining:

  • RTX 3080: With a maximum hash rate of 90 Mh/s and a power consumption of 240W, this GPU is suitable for miners with limited space.

  • RTX 3070: Providing a profitable hash rate of 60 Mh/s with a power consumption of 130W, it offers a good balance between performance and cost.

  • RTX 3060 Ti: Affordably priced, this GPU allows for efficient mining similar to the RTX 3070. Power consumption is at 120W, contributing to lower mining costs.

  • RTX 1660 6GB Ti: Cost-effective, with a power consumption of only 75W and a hash rate of up to 30 Mh/s, making it ideal for budget-conscious miners.

The brand's competitor, AMD, has the following GPUs:

  • RX 6800, 6800 XT: Both GPUs can reach a hash rate of 60 Mh/s with a power consumption of 145W.

  • Radeon VII: Despite being an older model, its high parameters allow it to compete favorably with newer models.

  • RX 5700 and 5700 XT: Offering a hash rate of 58 Mh/s with a power consumption of 130W.

  • AMD RX 5600 XT: Suitable for miners on a minimal budget, offering a hash rate of 40 Mh/s.

In 2021, cryptocurrency enthusiasts can continue mining digital assets using a minimum of 8 excellent graphics cards with the necessary technical parameters. Stay informed and make the most of your mining venture.