Rating: 3 Useful Telegram Channels About Cryptocurrency

FlyPay – a successful and rapidly growing financial cryptocurrency group. It provides quality and reliable information to assist in buying and selling cryptocurrencies. FlyPay guarantees profit even when the market is down.

Our Telegram channels: FlyPay [Trading] – a popular trading channel, FlyPay [Exchange] – the most profitable online cryptocurrency exchange, and FlyPay [CryptoNews] – current news from the crypto world.

Why are we so interesting? 

FlyPay [Traiding]

A dynamic and professional trading Telegram channel, FlyPay [Trading], has about 1 thousand subscribers, and this number is growing every day!

What's the secret? We start our morning not with coffee but with posting information about the BTC rate, according to data from the Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange. We write concisely and accessibly, only what investors need to know. We constantly keep our finger on the pulse – posting the rate three times a day.

We show and analyze charts of price changes for virtual currency over a certain period. Emphasis on infographics necessary for competent analysis and forecasting. We provide real spread changes with comments.

All information in the FlyPay [Trading] trading Telegram channel is presented in simple words that will be understandable to both cryptocurrency newcomers and professionals. Our credo: literacy and instant news publication. About 7-10 posts are published daily.

FlyPay [Trading] has a team of real professionals. We give advice to our subscribers as we would to ourselves. We provide expert assessments and high-quality forecasts.

Polls and voting are regularly conducted in the FlyPay [Trading] trading Telegram channel, enhancing its effectiveness.

What's useful:

  • fresh BTC rate;
  • cryptocurrency growth charts;
  • business advice;
  • accessible and understandable.

FlyPay [Trading] on Telegram is a verified trading channel. Join us and earn together!

FlyPay [Exchange]

Now is the time to earn with crypto! This is facilitated by the young and ambitious Telegram channel for cryptocurrency exchange, FlyPay [Exchange]. It operates on the principle: «Buy cheaper, sell higher».

What's the secret? The cryptocurrency exchange FlyPay [Exchange] in the Telegram messenger allows you to instantly and fully automatically exchange digital currency. The service works with popular virtual coins. You can withdraw any amount without restrictions. FlyPay [Exchange] offers always advantageous rates for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

FlyPay [Exchange] is easy to use and secure. On average, about 5-6 transactions take place within 24 hours.

What's useful:

  • only advantageous and current rate;
  • no hidden fees;
  • no lengthy registration;
  • available 24/7;
  • always open for dialogue.

FlyPay [Exchange] is your reliable platform for earning!

FlyPay [CryptoNews]

The news Telegram channel FlyPay [CryptoNews] is growing by leaps and bounds. For its subscribers, the authors offer a fresh extract of news with current events in the crypto world. The focus is exclusively on flagship sources.

What's the secret? The news channel FlyPay [CryptoNews] on Telegram regularly publishes not only top news, reviews, and analytics but also spices up the feed with surveys and funny gifs. Every Sunday, the service presents a digest of the week in the bitcoin and blockchain industry.

FlyPay [CryptoNews] is against junk and paid news – only verified facts and opinions of ambassadors of the digital currency world.

What's useful:

  • current and fresh news;
  • clear analytics and facts;
  • brief weekly reviews;
  • expert comments.

Make sure you are already subscribed to FlyPay [CryptoNews].