Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin Creation Theory: In London?

Almost everyone is familiar with the existence of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It gradually becomes a part of our daily lives, allowing us to make payments in cafes, salons, medical centers, and more.

The theories and opinions about the creation of the first digital currency are still divided. Of course, there are official versions that most experts adhere to. The creator of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto. In this article, you will have the opportunity to learn where this currency was developed.

The creator of the first digital currency worked on its development while in London. This was for two years, from 2008 to 2010, according to Chain Bulletin. All signs point to Doncho Karaivanov.

The author relies on various studies of different timestamps left by Satoshi in his messages. This includes writing styles, regional dialect analysis, jargon, and more. Added to this is the choice of the headline of the local newspaper, The Times, mentioned in Bitcoin hashtags.

Research by other experts indicates that during this period, Satoshi did indeed live in the United Kingdom.

In a new research paper, it is confidently stated that almost half of The Times readers were London residents. There are other tags that distinguish the U.S. newspaper. For example, the phrase "Chancellor on the brink of second bailout for banks" was only written in the capital's edition.

It's worth noting a factor that points to Karaivanov: the investigation of timestamps, which manifests in the actions of the creator himself. Thus, all servers indicate London as the most accurate location, considering the time zone. Researchers also suggest that Nakamoto may have lived on the west or east coast of the United States, as indicated by the time zone.

As for Karaivanov, this researcher, based on his analyses, completely denies the fact that Bitcoin was developed in Australia or Japan. Only under the condition that Nakamoto «was not a vampire». Of course, not all users agree with this theory, but it has its place.

Previously, one of the pioneers of the cryptocurrency club and Blockstream CEO, Adam Back, completely denied the theory that he might have had meetings with Satoshi Nakamoto in person. In his opinion, it's not a group of people behind the creators but a single individual.

General information Doncho wants to convey about his research

If you study each page of Karaivanov's analysis in detail, you can find not just some hypotheses but significant confirmations of his words. He relied on explicit information obtained during the research. Thus, a complete picture of events emerged. However, it's challenging to say that this material is 100% truthful. After all, there are many mentions that are still unconfirmed.

The fact that Satoshi lived in Japan for some time is indeed true. And the server from which he performed electronic actions coincides with the time zone of the Japanese territory.

Bitcoin has long been a part of global history. It is the first digital currency that can be used for payments, deposits, etc. Now the company has a huge amount of funds that people are willing to invest. Therefore, reconstructing historical events is one of the essential issues related to Bitcoin.

Karaivanov is one of the potential researchers who will soon be able to track all the actions of the creator, determine how such an incredible idea arose.

Perhaps the real truth will emerge when all theories can be analyzed simultaneously, and the most confirmed ones selected, combined, and a consensus reached.

In conclusion

The history of Bitcoin conceals many mysteries, and there are still puzzles to solve. However, it addresses various issues, including the presence of bank commissions or waiting for money transfers.