Opinion of the Top Five Global Companies

Global Top Companies on the Future of Blockchain

Top companies on the prospects of buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Trends in the world of digital currency.

Blockchain has been called the technology of the future for several years now. It is increasingly penetrating various industries and opening up new ways of working. Blockchain has brought together many online giants that effectively utilize its advantages.

Top companies share their thoughts on blockchain technology and its prospects.



Alibaba is a popular online retailer that has implemented blockchain technology into the operations of one of its subsidiaries. It is used to track the movement of goods on T-Mall, a major Chinese trading platform that showcases foreign and domestic brands. The logistics company Cainiao partnered in the implementation. The technology has reduced the amount of counterfeit goods delivered by almost half.



The American company has also embraced blockchain technology. Furthermore, the giant announced its readiness to buy and sell cryptocurrency, but only that which is created by Amazon.

Currently, the experiment is launched on the company's web service Amazon Web Servicer (AWS). Supported by it, economically beneficial, efficient, and scalable platforms are being built. AWS invests in blockchain through a partner ecosystem, with a focus on healthcare, financial services, scientific research, supply chains, and security.



The company's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is not a supporter of cryptocurrency buying and selling operations. Moreover, he was one of the first to ban advertising of digital currency and anything related to it on his online platform. Blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange also made it onto the «stop» list.

However, after a reputation scandal involving the «leak» of personal data of 50 million users and a series of legal proceedings, Zuckerberg announced that in 2018, Facebook would be saved by data encryption and blockchain technology.

How Mark intends to combine this is currently unknown.



The Chief Financial Officer of the multinational financial corporation, Martina Hund-Mejean, stated that blockchain is the most promising direction today. However, Mastercard will not buy or sell bitcoins due to the volatility of digital currency, its lack of regulation, and lack of government support.

Hund-Mejean is optimistic about the use of blockchain. The potential is particularly evident in the already launched Ripple blockchain – a technology that connects global financial institutions. Instant interbank transactions are made through the new format.



Two years ago, the Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten acquired the startup project - the Bitnet bitcoin wallet. Its main purpose is to store the cryptocurrency called Rakuten Coin. The digital currency will operate on its own blockchain in Rakuten's own blockchain laboratory.

According to Rakuten's CEO, Hiroshi Mikitani, Rakuten Coin will become "borderless" and will be suitable for conducting various international transactions.

The new cryptocurrency will be integrated with the Rakuten Super Points program.



The Starbucks coffee shop chain has launched a pilot project based on blockchain technology. It is used in a new payment application for coffee delivery. In addition, Starbucks is expanding its financial cooperation with customers using the "future technology" and offering them to pay for coffee with bitcoins. For this purpose, the coffee shop chain has launched the Starbucks application and partnered with iPayYou.

Payment with digital currency is made through the iPayYou Bitcoin wallet, which converts cryptocurrency into dollars in real-time.