How to Spend Cryptocurrency: The Most Unusual Ways?

What is cryptocurrency in our everyday understanding? For most, it's serious investments associated with significant gains and losses. Many believe that digital coins are exclusively accessible to millennials or Silicon Valley insiders. In reality, cryptocurrency was created so that anyone could use it to address mundane tasks. Which ones? reveals services that can be paid for with bitcoins and other digital coins.  

1. Fast and Inexpensive Money Transfers

One of the main advantages of digital currency is fast and inexpensive fund transfers to any corner of the world. A notable example is the popular Litecoin network conducting a $100 million operation! The transaction took only 2.5 minutes with a fee of $0.4. Quite tempting, isn't it? Suppose a similar transfer went through a regular bank; the processing time would take several days, and the commission would be a quarter of the amount. And this is without considering international transfers.

The low fees provided in online systems make them attractive for international payments.

2. «Safe» Resistant to Fluctuations

Even the most reliable legal system has loopholes; freezing accounts and assets is straightforward. Fierce competition is always present. Suppose allegations of financial misconduct imply an account freeze. In this case, a person can lose their savings, even if they are legally innocent.

To protect oneself from competitors, attention should be turned to cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, in particular, possesses a unique characteristic - the coin is entirely resistant to censorship. Buying and selling bitcoins involve exclusive access of one party to the financial transaction, and a single entity owns the wallet's private key.

3. Startup Investments

Today, anyone with constant internet access can become an investor in a startup at its early stage, thanks to fundraising through the sale of digital tokens. This is made possible by the popularity peak of such financing initiatives. 

It's worth noting that even the most unimaginable new initiative can easily obtain initial capital.

ICO – a new form of startup capital attraction. What's its essence? A newly established project starts issuing and selling its own digital tokens. These tokens can only be acquired with cryptocurrency, most commonly in transactions involving Bitcoin or Ethereum (ETH/USD). When the token begins trading on the secondary market, its value rises, reflecting investors' «faith» in the project. 

Many think that such deals are only within the reach of experienced investors, but that's not the case. Cryptocurrencies have opened opportunities for ordinary people to earn through ICOs. It's worth noting that last year, tokens of successful startups grew by 300 times and brought billions of dollars to investors.

4. Anonymous Payment System

Anonymous virtual coins significantly simplify life. With them, transactions can be made without informing the bank about the recipient and the amount being transferred. As you understand, there's no need to explain to a financial institution where the money comes from. Money transfers happen without any documents. Undoubtedly, it's convenient.

5. Non-Monetary Transfers

Currently, such non-financial operations are only possible in Africa. SureRemit, a blockchain startup, has been launched there. Users purchase tokens used in the system for non-monetary transfers.

6. Content Payment

The world has seen the first social network and blogging platform – Steemit, which motivates participants with cryptocurrency. How does it work? When posting content, the user's account receives payment in digital coins. It seems that Facebook has found a worthy competitor.

7. Renting Space on a Device

An unconventional offer for those who understand the value of time and space. Today, there are non-standard services that propose renting space on their own hard drives. However, such a service is only possible within the network of the same rank.

Storj is a project serving as an ambassador – an accessible "cloud" option. Its founders claim that it operates several times faster and, most importantly, safer than other platforms. Several computers work with one file, and a user can rent, rather than fully pay for, disk space. This is a promising source of income.

8. Payment for Tourist Services

Traveling for cryptocurrency has become incredibly easy! Digital coins have disrupted the world, making it simpler than ever to travel using them as payment. Some travel agencies already accept bitcoins and ethers as payment for their services. You can buy plane tickets, rent a car, and book hotels with them.

Additionally, bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchange offices are emerging worldwide, converting a traveler's coins into local currency. However, this is currently only available in major cities.

9. Space Travel

The awaited moment has come: space travel has become more accessible! Virgin Galactic, a space company led by Richard Branson, has announced its readiness to fly to orbit for bitcoins. However, the exact cost of the flight has not been disclosed yet.

10. Purchase of a Lamborghini

Living luxuriously is undeniable! This is confirmed by the bitcoin luxury items market, De Louvois. The platform sells branded watches, art pieces, expensive wines, and Lamborghinis. So, don't deny yourself!