How to Buy Bitcoin?

Owning the most sought-after and one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies with promising prospects means being more flexible in online transactions and making a successful investment in your future. Many individuals seek to buy Bitcoin under such a combination of benefits. This article will guide you on where to buy Bitcoin under the most advantageous conditions.   

What is Bitcoin?

While we have discussed this cryptocurrency multiple times, it's essential to reiterate that Bitcoin is one of the most popular digital currencies. It can be easily sold, bought, and can offer profitable returns due to its unstable market value. Bitcoin, often referred to as digital «gold», is limited to an emission of 21 million, making it a form of electronic money for future transactions.   
Bitcoin operates through a decentralized system, and all transaction information is stored in a distributed database accessible to all participants. This structured chain of information is known as blockchain.   

To use Bitcoin, two keys are required – private and public. Bitcoin wallets come in various types:

  1. Including online wallets on exchanges;
  2. Local wallets;
  3. Mobile wallets;
  4. Paper wallets;
  5. And hardware wallets.
  6. Wallets are essential for buying and selling Bitcoin, and while most transactions do not incur fees, some services might charge users.

Why Buy Bitcoin?

While Bitcoin might not be the most practical means of payment currently due to its volatile market value, individuals purchase Bitcoin for several reasons:

Investment: Bitcoin's availability allows for quick exchanges into other cryptocurrencies, making it attractive for investors.

Transfer of Value: Bitcoin transactions provide nearly instant transfers with minimal fees compared to traditional banking systems.

Where to Buy Bitcoin?

When considering where to buy Bitcoin, several options are available:   
Exchanges. Platforms like and Coinbase offer convenience for purchasing Bitcoin in large quantities, but users may face high fees, complex registration procedures, and occasional technical issues.

Traders. Direct transactions with traders can minimize fees, but finding reputable sellers on forums or platforms like LocalBitcoins can be time-consuming and may involve a risk of fraud.

Exchange Services. Services like FlyPay offer the advantages of speedy transactions, transparent conditions, clear rules, predefined limits, and favorable exchange rates, with the added benefit of almost complete transaction anonymity.

Understanding these options and their pros and cons will guide you in choosing the most suitable method to buy Bitcoin.

Where to Buy Bitcoin?

There are several options – you can use the services of traders on specialized exchanges or turn to exchange services. If you are interested in the latter option, which is also the most popular, you can visit the website This aggregator contains one of the largest lists of services offering to buy bitcoins for rubles and dollars, along with all the necessary information about them.

  1. Earning on exchange rate differences. Investing in creating a cryptocurrency portfolio was most profitable at the dawn of Bitcoin's development. Now, things are not as bright, but sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate still allow for an optimistic outlook, even earning up to 30% profit on investments within a few weeks or months. This is facilitated, as we have mentioned, by the growing demand for coins due to the reduction in their issuance. However, this is still a fairly high-risk way to make money.
  2. Asset preservation. Buying Bitcoin is a reliable way to protect currency from inflation and not lose it in an economic crisis. Again, this digital currency cannot depreciate. Moreover, representatives of authorities or banking institutions do not have access to it. The system works in such a way that it is practically impossible to find out who exactly owns what amounts, and, accordingly, there can be no claims from tax authorities in principle. It is necessary to note that the creators of Bitcoin initially developed it mainly as an ordinary means of payment. Developments in regulating the status of this cryptocurrency, for example, in Germany and Japan, indicate that in the future, it is quite possible that it will be introduced into circulation as an official currency. And this also inspires the purchase of new coins.  
    Cryptocurrencies you can buy:
    • Ethereum, ETH;
    • Dash, DASH;
    • Ripple, XRP;
    • Monero, XMR;
    • Zcash, ZEC;
    • Litecoin, LTC.