For the Lazy: 5 Cryptocurrencies to Earn On

Have you ever wondered: how can you earn on cryptocurrency without doing anything? reveals the secret and offers a selection of currencies that will bring in income while you sleep!   

So, what's the secret?

Novices in the crypto world and even advanced investors are accustomed to thinking that making money can only be done through conventional methods – with long-term investments, day trading, and arbitrage. However, there's an option for passive earnings on buying and selling cryptocurrency.

What does «passive income» imply? The idea is for coins to generate profit when the investor does nothing.

In the world of cryptocurrency, there are 9 coins that can work independently. Expecting millions is not realistic, but they do bring in quite good earnings.  


Today, NEO is one of the popular cryptocurrencies that can compete even with Ethereum. Its developers claim that it's not just a coin but a new form of economic relationships between people, and therefore, a new way of making money. 

NEO implements an improved dBFT protocol, ensuring the crypto's reliable protection against cyber attacks. The currency uses a consensus mechanism that allows participating in the crypto system through voting. NEO holders can vote for a delegate who will then generate new blocks through the BFT protocol.

NEO tokens act like stocks, and their owner, by keeping them in their wallet, earns GAS. GAS can be used for various purposes, such as voting in the network or entering into smart contracts. If NEO is stored on an exchange, GAS is not accrued.

NEO is traded on exchanges such as Binance,, KuCoin, and many others.

VeChain Thor (VET)

VeChain Thor is known for its modern technology, allowing the control of goods in the supply chain, as well as verifying their authenticity and quality. Recently, the project decided to change its direction and go beyond familiar boundaries. VeChain Thor enters the market of decentralized applications, developing the Enterprise DApp platform. The new platform will use two native tokens - VeChain Tokens (VET) and Thor Power (THOR).

VeChain Tokens (VET) will become the currency for smart payments during business transactions on the blockchain. Thor Power (THOR) is obtained by those who have VET (simply by holding). THOR can be used for various applications and contracts.


ARK cryptocurrency is focused on financial operations in business. It uses a contractual mechanism - Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS).

ARK owners vote for individuals responsible for processing transactions and blockchains.

The main difference is that one delegate checks a DpoS block, while, for example, dBFT involves 2-3 individuals.  
ARK is similar to the two previous systems. The cryptocurrency generates income when its owner does not perform active operations. It's enough to have an account and choose a delegate.


ICON (ERC-20 standard ICX token) is recognized as the most technological cryptocurrency in recent years. It allows various blockchains to interact with each other. The currency operates on the Loopchain algorithm, which includes a stimulus mechanism.

Essentially, Loopchain is similar to delegation. This system also requires the selection of a delegate responsible for financial operations and the blockchain. What's required of the owner? Set up an ICON account, choose a responsible individual, and receive legitimate rewards. (COSS)

Crypto One Stop Solution (COSS) is a "exchange token" that has gained popularity in recent months. It operates on such a system.

Each transaction on the exchange involves a prepayment from each party – participants in the financial operation. Half of the amount goes to DAO and then is distributed among token owners. Dividends are paid in the same currency as the financial transaction.