Top 8 Books for Successful Trading

Do you want to dive into the world of digital currency? Buy and sell cryptocurrency, making substantial profits on transactions? Then start reading! And this is no joke. 
Books on cryptocurrency for traders are one of the best ways to learn about the market. They teach how to trade and exchange cryptocurrency, reveal all the nuances of financial transactions, and uncover the secrets of successful players who have already amassed fortunes in trading. has prepared a list of 12 top books on cryptocurrency that every beginner trader and those who already feel like sharks in the world of cryptocurrency must read. It's worth the time! 

Peter Lynch's Method. The Strategy and Tactics of the Individual Investor

Peter Lynch is the head of the Fidelity Magellan Fund, one of the most successful funds in the history of the financial market. He is called the Sherlock Holmes of stock trading. He realized the dream of millions: earning money with his intellect, creating strategies for profitable investments. Lynch's fortune is estimated at $12 billion and continues to grow geometrically.

In his book, Lynch shares simple methods of enrichment with financial management gurus. He portrays the investor as a detective who must «investigate the case» - which stocks will rise and when is the time to buy them.

НOur rating: subtle, witty, with self-irony. We recommend reading it for those who are willing to learn and strive for financial independence.

Richard Schabacker. Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits

The book appeared long before the emergence of cryptocurrency – in 1932. What can a book that is over 80 years old tell us? Quite simply: it technically analyzes the financial market, which, as any trader knows, is cyclical. Moreover, the book was released a couple of years after the massive collapse of the stock market in the United States. So, it talks about high volatility and the risks associated with it, which is characteristic of buying and selling cryptocurrency.

Our rating: informative, classic, and interesting. Although the book is not available in electronic form, it's worth the effort to find it.

Jesse Stine. Insider Buy Super Stocks: The Super Laws of Turning $46,000 into $6.8 Million (14,972%) in 28 Months

The Bible and a guidebook for any trader. It's the story of a person who managed to amass a fortune in the regular market. The author describes the psychology of traders, situations of ups and downs, and justifies the risks associated with volatility. It's exactly what a modern trader should know. There is a practical side – charts and analysis of the principles of the financial market.

Our rating: an excellent combination of technical analysis and fundamental practice. We recommend this book as a supplement to the previous works.

John J. Murphy. Technical Analysis of Financial Markets

One of the best modern books in its field. It talks about trends in the financial market, becoming a guide to the analysis of directions, time cycles, and price patterns. There is a lot of material, but it is backed up by illustrations and detailed explanations, which significantly simplifies understanding. There are no «white spots» or questions left after reading.

Our rating: a modern and easy-to-understand work. We recommend reading it from start to finish to choose your strategy and follow it precisely.

Curtis Faith and Michael Covel. The Way of the Turtle and Turtle Traders: The Legendary Story, Its Lessons, and Results

A successful combo for traders. These books consider one trading topic from different sides. Why «turtles»? 
This is the name of an experiment in which ordinary people without a financial education were turned into successful traders. This answered the question: do wolves of Wall Street become so or are they born? People from the street – «turtles» underwent training using a special method for two weeks and started trading real money. One of them earned $30 million in 4 years.

In «The Way of the Turtle», Curtis Faith says that the psychology of the player is essential in the financial market. If a trader controls their emotions and directs them in the right direction, success awaits them. Patience and moderation are the main guidelines for trading.

«Turtle Traders: The Legendary Story, Its Lessons, and Results» is written by Michael Covel based on the work of Curtis Faith. Covel focuses on statistics. According to his logic, the role of emotions in trading is exaggerated. Numbers decide everything.

Our rating: vivid, emotional, and informative. These two editions should be read as one book. The contrast in opinions provides a more complete assessment of the topic.

Jack D. Schwager. Market Wizards and New Market Wizards

Financial bestsellers from the renowned financier and successful trader Jack Schwager. "Market Wizards" compiles series of interviews with leading players in the industry who have already earned on financial transactions. These are stories of victories and defeats firsthand, tales of colossal success, barriers on the way to it, and earnings.

The first book was published in 1989, before the advent of algorithmic trading, and five years later, the second edition was released, telling about computerized trading.

Our rating: interesting, simple, and captivating. These editions are worth reading for traders trading on the background market, as well as on the crypto and forex markets.

A massive amount of information falls on the modern trader every day. New strategies, skills, fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market... All of this has already happened, all of this has already been described and applied in practice. You just need to read carefully.