Blockstream Announces Updates: New Wallet Featuring Bitcoin Sidechain Liquid

You probably already know about the existence of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Currently, this currency has become so relevant that it is being used instead of our familiar traditional money. Places of leisure, charitable events, various services - all of these can now be paid for using Bitcoin.

Accordingly, the need to update the electronic wallet has also increased. This has led to the necessity for additional features that will provide maximum comfort in conducting transactions not only at the level of online purchases but also in everyday life.


Why has cryptocurrency become so popular?

All our income, finances, and expenses are controlled by banks. Furthermore, there is not always security - glitches in programs, malfunctions with terminals often disrupt our plans. With these coins, on the contrary, there are guarantees. Firstly, there is transparency in financial transactions, and secondly, to use them, all you need is an internet connection, which is not a problem for everyone.

The presence of cryptocurrency is an ideal opportunity that maintains the complete confidentiality of your expenses and income!

Key benefits for cryptocurrency holders:

  • minimal or zero fees, regardless of your location;

  • daily operation, without weekends or holidays;

  • receiving, sending transfers in a matter of seconds;

  • security, safety, reliability;

  • the ability to bypass government sanctions;

  • absolute control of personal funds;

  • blockchain capabilities.

From the list above, it can be confidently stated that cryptocurrency is a solution to many problems. 


Bitcoin Wallet Is Already on Your Phone: New Features and Comfort for Coin Owners

It is worth mentioning right away that the introduction of a specially developed wallet for smartphones guarantees even more prospects for the future. Recently, the organization Blockstream introduced us to the new universal Bitcoin wallet, AQUA. It is designed specifically for mobile devices (primarily for IOS), and it also allows supporting assets released on the Liquid sidechain.

As promised by the developers, the newly created wallet should contribute to increasing the number of users and, consequently, the adoption of cryptocurrency. Therefore, the main goal of AQUA is to improve transaction speed, namely, sending and receiving transfers.

Users will have the opportunity to use the new product immediately after installing it and going through the verification stage.

AQUA is based on the existing Blockstream Green wallet, which is also easily accessible in desktop versions and will perform its tasks simultaneously with it. The updated product will have an open-source code, providing the opportunity for all users to release their own branded versions using the code for faster deployment.

AQUA also agrees with the direct purchase of Bitcoin through Apple Pay or debit cards.

About 50 participants were involved in the development to create an ideal payment network for the Bitcoin exchange, brokers, market makers, and others. In the middle of this year, the CoinShares organization, which deals with the management of digital assets, joined the developers.



Every day, new technological developments make our lives easier from all sides. Cryptocurrency has also appeared for a reason. Bitcoin is an opportunity to protect people's rights, and accordingly, the wallet will make it more accessible and comfortable for ordinary users. 

The new product implies that you can use coins at any time - for example, to pay for services or goods, as transaction speed has become even faster. And most importantly, you control all your financial transactions independently, without banks and other government structures.

We hope that our news will pleasantly surprise you. Now Bitcoin can fully replace our familiar money.