Bitcoin - Buy and Exchange Cryptocurrency Profitably for Declarations

Buying Bitcoin - how to exchange cryptocurrency and not declare. 

The goal of adopting the law in Ukraine is to prevent the receipt of undue benefits. Employees are required to declare all assets and goods they possess.

With the launch of the campaign "Declaration of income and property by government officials," the question arose about the necessity of declaring cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the legal field of Ukraine.

They are not mentioned in legislative acts, accordingly:

  • they do not have a definition;
  • clear legal status.

The National Agency for Prevention of Corruption does not mention "bitcoin" or other electronic currencies. Therefore, the direct obligation to declare cryptocurrency simply disappears. From a logical point of view, cryptocurrency should fall into this category.

We invite you to a discussion. Do you think cryptocurrency should be declared? Is it profitable to buy cryptocurrency? Share your thoughts on exchange and purchase in the comments.